Thought of the day…

Easter Vigil

Stay with us, Lord;  behold evening is here and our hearts are still too slow to believe that You had to die in order to rise again. Stay with us Lord.

May and Mary

In our ascent to the summits of holiness, let us bind ourselves to Our Lady. With MARY as our Guide and support, we shall always reach the top.

Clear vision

Keeping our long-range vision clear is never easy. Many things cloud it.  we react to stress in our lives, to lack of sleep and proper nutrition, to people who cross our path when we least expect it. The place to start is with a clear vision of God.  When we forget the  God who loves [...]


Do you find joy in God’s presence? We deepen our union with God through the Eucharist, reading of Scripture, times and days of recollection, minutes of prayer. Are these means influencing your Apostolic life? Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S. Founding Superior, Friend, & Guide

Mercy and Love

“Mercy is the fruit of the highest degree of love” — because love creates equals and a greater love make us inferior. Remember: 1.  Those who do not love feel superior to everyone else. 2.  Those who just love feel equal to everyone else. 3.  Those who love much gladly take the lower place. Mother [...]


Successful people have a hard time being humble people. We need to rely and trust in God.  We need God desperately. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S.


In the Third Eucharistic Prayer, we pray, “. . . all holiness comes by the working of the Holy Spirit”  — all of it without exception. You and I can plant and water, but “God gives the increase.”  Notwithstanding, we must do our part or God will not give the increase. What is our part?  [...]

Now is the time

Let us not live in dreams; let us not fall back on alibis; do not wait for tomorrow or the next day to make our lives worthwhile.  NOW is the time! Let us ask Him into our lives . . . . let Him put everything in its proper place and keep the place of [...]

The oars of virtue

The struggle goes on — between nature and grace we experience the fatigue that comes from rowing with the oars of virtue, and know the unexpected joy of the wind that brings us the gifts of the Spirit. Mother Patricia O’Connor, CDS Founding Superior, Friend & Guide

Quo Vadis?

Christ looks to our present dispositions toward receiving the inspirations of grace, not to our past. Quo Vadis?  Where are you going? Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S.


It has been well said that Silence is the atmosphere of the highest peaks of the spirit. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S.

God’s Plans

God’s plans, like lilies, pure and white unfold. We must not tear their close-shut leaves apart: Time will reveal their calyxes of gold.