Thought of the day…

Is Approval Important?

Christ sacrificed the honor and good name that were His due and instead chose to suffer endless humiliations, slights, misunderstandings, rebuffs. His relatives did not approve and believe in Him. His townsmen tried to throw Him over a cliff. His neighbors cried, “He has a devil.”  They called Him a glutton and wine-bibber. His disciples [...]

Christ’s Availability

For Christ, His public life meant complete sacrifice of Leisure, family, home Privacy, Joys Well-being Comforts Our Savior was always at the disposal of all who sought Him.  No ‘office hours’ in His work! Mother Patricia O’Connor, CDS Founding Superior, Friend, Guide  

Love’s language

Let us realize that HEAVEN, CALVARY, and the TABERNACLE have but one language — God is love . . . . CARITAS! Pray to love more! Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S.

Pilgrim People

We are pilgrims of sanctity, traveling the royal road of Calvary — always on the march, weary at times, but never discouraged. Our journey through life is but a succession of stages.  We pause, take inventory, ask ourselves “Where am I going” then, we are on the way again. Mother Patricia O’Connor, CDS Founding Superior, [...]

The Cross

The everlasting symbol of God’s Mercy . . . Christ is always waiting for the sinner, always inviting the sinner, always ready to pardon and press him to His Heart . . . patient and most merciful.  That picture of the Cross and the language of that Cross all of us can understand.

Symbol of God’s Mercy

The history of mankind begins with sin, and his history will end with sin, with the judgment of sin at the end of time. But in the center of that history stands the Cross of Christ.  the Savior on the Cross on Calvary with His Arms stretched out over the world:  the everlasting symbol of [...]


To be a Christian is to be like Christ — not yes one minute and no the next, but never anything but yes, sealed in the Holy Spirit.

Lessons from the Crucifix

Christ merited grace for us to be detached from everything at whatever cost to ourselves. MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU! Forgive others as He forgives from the Cross. Christ felt the actual pain of the loss of God that we may never feel it. Patience . . . . . Silence.  . . . [...]


+Dear Lord, Silence is always more eloquent than speech because it is far deeper and more complete. Silence during this Holy Week is the best way to listen to You, to leave room for You, not to hinder Your action and to allow You to fashion me according to Your Divine Plan. Silence is not [...]

A journey

Our journey on this earth is an apprenticeship of life, and the time of exile is the school. A change of heart begins in the recognition that we have been wanting in love toward God and toward our neighbors. Reconciliation is not a question simply of admitting one’s infidelities to Grace; it is a question [...]

The Annunciation

And the Word was made Flesh, And dwelt among us. Hail, Mary, full of grace!  the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

The Cross

We must decide one and for all to return to the Cross of Christ and endeavor to keep the Cross in view in our daily encounters with others. It was at the foot of the Cross that Mary became our Mother. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S. Founding Superior, Friend and Guide