What is a vocation?
A vocation is a call from God which requires a response. All who are baptized have a call from God to follow in the footsteps of His Son through marriage, through the priesthood or consecrated life or as persons who witness to Him in a celibate single life.
The consecrated life is a response to the call of Jesus first heard on the shores of the Lake of Galilee.

“Come, follow Me.” This is the single most important directive in the Gospels. This call from Christ comes with a persuasive force. It is always a personal encounter with Christ. “You have not chosen me, I have chosen you…”  Those who let themselves be seized by His love are willing to give up everything in order to follow Him. The vocation to the consecrated life gives one the opportunity for making a total gift of self in the service of the Church.

Is Jesus calling you to the consecrated life as a Sister of the Divine Spirit?

Can I be a Sister of the Divine Spirit?
Briefly and simply, the following are the essentials:
Any good Catholic woman between the ages of eighteen and thirty years, who enjoys good physical and spiritual health and is free from any obligation and impediments and has the desire to serve God and the Church in the consecrated life can be considered for entrance into the Community.
Do you wear a habit?
The Sisters wear the Religious habit—always—as a sign of their consecrated life.
What is a vow?
A vow is a solemn promise freely made to God. A vow is binding, and thus is different than a simple resolution. The person who is faithful to his vow to God gives God the respect owed to a faithful and loving God.
What vows do you take?
We profess the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.
By professing the Evangelical Counsels, the Sisters renounce the world and live only for God.

When a Religious seeks to be Poor, Christ gives her His own Freedom of Spirit. To be a Religious means to be poor…abandon possession of goods and use all as a gift from God.

Chastity is a pledge of Love and obedience is its fulfillment.

Faith sees God in Authority.

Hope places confidence in His Providence.

Love seeks union with the Beloved.

These are the motives of Obedience.

What is involved in your prayer life?
Our prayer life, centered on daily Mass, is the foundation for dedicated service. As Religious we strive to take God so seriously that everything else can be taken lightheartedly. We approach God daily through Holy Mass Meditation, Divine Office, Rosary,  Stations of the Cross, Spiritual Reading and Visits to the Blessed Sacrament. We have a day of recollection monthly and a Holy Hour together weekly.
What about Mary?
The Sisters all foster devotion to Our Lady, Queen of the Religious Life, Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, our Queen, our Mother and our Advocate.
What is your charism?
Our motto—Always and Everywhere Charity—reflects our mandate individually and as a Community to seek the fullness of Charity and to live our consecration in our search for the Kingdom of God. In this seeking together, we commit ourselves to a simple life style, integrating community, prayer apostolate and commitment to the poor and underprivileged especially in our ministries of education and care of the Aged.