Beauty in a home, such as the House of Loreto, is a vital necessity rather than a luxury. The physical surroundings play a major role and have an important influence on the welfare of the Residents.

The surroundings at the House of Loreto must serve to inspire and encourage to renew hope and spirits.

The warmth and dedication of the House of Loreto is apparent as you approach the entrance, and continues without end, whether you are a Visitor just passing through or a Resident, a Member of the Loreto Family

Situated in the religious and cultural center of Canton, Ohio, the House of Loreto is designed and operated to care for Older Americans, regardless of their level of need, in a homelike, dignified atmosphere.
Not only are its own grounds attractive and spacious, it is adjacent to a city greenspace, Weis Park, which h osts a variety of events of interest to our Residents. The one-story “Main Street” plan makes all areas of the home and grounds easily accessible.

Dining at the House of Loreto is always a pleasant experience. Practical and colorful appointments, homestyle and theme meals create a welcoming ambience, which provides a social interchange three times daily.

With a warm and pleasant décor and a view of the outside green spaces, individual bedrooms provide a place to relax away from the activity of the day and get a good night’s sleep.
The Aviary area entertains Residents and their families and draws young and old to the “puzzle table” during their visits.
Therapy is provided as needed in a therapy room which also has exercise equipment for individual use.
Many areas in the home are conducive to visiting with friends and family.