A young woman who desires to lead a consecrated life within the Congregation of the Divine Spirit goes through a formation period which helps her and the Community to determine if God is truly calling her to the religious life.

A Sister in formation begins with some time as a Candidate followed by a year as a Postulant.  After this time, she spends two years in the Novitiate, then  five more years in Formation  in the Juniorate before her perpetual vows.

The Candidacy and Postulancy is a time in which the Sister begins her religious life with introduction to Community, to a life of meditation and prayer, but balanced with work and recreation.

The first year of the Novitiate is an intensive introduction to the Religious life.  There are no secular studies for this time.  The Novice studies the Constitutions of the Community and the Vows.  During this time the foundation of the Sister’s life with God is laid.  She will learn to develop an interior life which is so necessary to serve God and neighbor with selfless devotion.

The second year in Novitiate is a combination of the active and contemplative life with the added introduction to the Community Apostolate and its Ministries.

Upon completion of the Novitiate, temporary Vows of Obedience, Chastity and Poverty are pronounced and renewed during the remaining five  years of the Formation period.

The Juniorate years are devoted to further study, spiritual in-service development and academic certification.

After the five  years of temporary profession, Perpetual vows are pronounced.