Thought of the day…

A prayer . . .

Dear Lord, They say this is the day True lovers send a token . . . A word, a line, a Valentine To prove their love unbroken. But often on a day like this I wonder if You ever guess How very much the thought of You Brings me such happiness. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S. [...]


Are we expecting the reward of praise and recognition in the performance of our duty? Remember . . . . . . . God give just a Cross from His own Bloody Hand to His favored souls . . . . . . . no shining medallion engraved with honor. Mother Patricia O’Connor Founding Superior, [...]


The purpose of our prayer is not only to receive from God the graces we need to cope with our own passions and vagrant desires; it is also in the spirit of Christ’s directive to the Apostles that having received power from God, we might then be witnesses to the Saviour: to bring Him to [...]


God makes impossible demands on human nature, and we know they are impossible  . . .  they tell us, “You can’t do it alone; ask Me and I’ll help you.” And the choice is ours. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S.

Spiritual Combat

Someone once said — Through continued combat with ourselves, we make possible true peace, which includes shared intimacy, honest acceptance of one another, and the mutual encouragement of freedom — not fear, but freedom — in Christ. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S.


We are all pilgrims going across the stage of life, each carrying our own cross — if one falters, the whole procession is disturbed.  When each one carries the cross gracefully, all proceeds in order. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S. Founding Superior, Friend, Guide


Communion can be of many kinds. There is a communion which we experience through suffering.  God lies hidden in the heart of suffering.  When suffering is accepted, He works miracles of redemption at its very heart, miracles of purification and detachment which pave the way for an increase of grace. The hand is the same [...]

A prayer . . .

O dear, majestic, silent Christ, teach me the beautiful lessons of Your Passion. Give me a better appreciation of the magnificence of Your Silence. Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S. Founding Superior, Friend and Guide

Love God Now

Are we anxious to be held in esteem by others and on the slightest provocation make a defense? “Jesus held His peace.” Are we afraid to be misunderstood?  Do we demand satisfaction, an apology? When Judas came up to betray Christ, Jesus called him ‘friend.’ Mother Patricia O’Connor, C.D.S. Founding Superior, Friend and Guide


If we are going to exercise the spirit seriously, it is going to mean a struggle and a death.  Good and evil spirits are at work on a soul.  Saint Ignatius claimed that those who didn’t experience this were not making the spiritual exercises faithfully. Without battle, there is never a victory. Without death in [...]


The Jewish people were led into the desert in order that their faith and love might be tested and purified by their experience.  Their refusal to accept these trials was a rebellion against God.  They thwarted His designs and asked for a tangible sign — we remember what took place. God will lead us and [...]


Spiritual Exercises are an illusion if they make it more difficult for us to live our vocation, or if they make our daily routine seem less essential. The mother who makes a weekend retreat and comes away wishing she had become a Carmelite would have done better to stay at home.  Her reaction is just [...]