Football Hall of Fame Events

In keeping with our yearly Football Hall of Fame traditions at the House of Loreto, we celebrated our own “Rib Fest” and held our Game Day Tailgate Picnic, but the highlight of the week, as always, was our Friday luncheon and style show.  This event epitomizes the “HOF at HOL” for all of us.  The luncheon was superb, featuring crisp butterfly shrimp and an elegant, delicious peanut butter pie.  Delicate blue and pink flowered  tablecloths, matching centerpieces, pink cloth napkins and special luncheon placemats delighted the residents and their guests.

The event was emceed by Audrey Heartburn, known to all of us by her “other” name, Ellen Harold Stein.  Her clever and humorous commentary kept every one laughing and smiling through the whole program.  The Loreto family ladies and gentlemen outdid themselves with their great modeling of outfits that ranged from sports to business wear through picnic clothes to more formal dresses.

It was a wonderful day and  its memory still brings smiles!

See Ministry to the Aged/Activities for pictures.