The House of Loreto


Belief Statement

+ That human life is sacred and each person has inherent dignity.
+ That healthcare is a right for all persons.
+ In the principles of social justice with special concern for the most vulnerable, the Aged and Children.

+ Serve our residents according to Christ’s healing ministry.
+ Secure healthcare as a right for all.
+ Influence people regarding geriatric care.
+ Serve and work with all for the common good, i.e., educating, advocating, and collaborating in ways never dared!
That is giving our lives (as Religious) for the care of the Aged and Children.

Beauty in a home, such as the House of Loreto, is a vital necessity rather than a luxury. The physical surroundings play a major role and have an important influence on the welfare of the Residents.The surroundings at the House of Loreto must serve to inspire and encourage . . . to renew hope and spirits. Steps that have slowed, eyes that have grown dim in the twilight of life, must be reminded of the love that is part of their care. The warmth and dedication of the House of Loreto is apparent as you approach the entrance, and continues without end, whether you are a Visitor just passing through or a Resident, a Member of the Loreto Family.

What we offer:

• Twenty-four hour Nursing Care
• Medical Director on call twenty-four hours a day.
• Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy as needed.
• Accommodation of special Dietary Needs
• Specialized Medical and Nursing Procedures
• Hydro-Therapy
• Meaningful Activity
• Security Service