Meet Our Aspirant

We joyfully welcome Alycia Hartley as an aspirant to our Religious Community.  An aspirant is someone who has discerned a call to follow Christ within a particular religious family.

Alycia brings many talents and much enthusiasm for our ministries of education and care of the aged.

Alycia will enter our Community as a Postulant on August 15.  Please continue to pray for Alycia and please pray that God will send more vocations to our religious family.

Laus Deo Semper


American Foundation – Traditional Values

From all parts of this great country we have gathered to become pioneers in this new facet of the Church.

The Congregation of the Divine Spirit is a Community of Religious Sisters who, by a free response to the call of the Holy Spirit, have decided to follow Christ, consecrating themselves totally to Him.  Life as a Sister of the Divine Spirit gives you every possible assurance of a full, rich, noble, satisfying existence.  It gives purpose to your daily routine, no matter how infinitesimal it may seem.

The Religious Life is very exacting … Faith and the right intention will carry you through.  Seeking God and desiring to find Him in this religious atmosphere of recollection, obedience and honest work will bring peace of soul.

The Constitutions of the Community is the guide for each member.  It has the sanction of the Sacred Congregation of Religious and Secular  Institutes.  Following the directives approved by the Church, the Sister’s life becomes universal in its scope.  Life takes the form of a larger Community in union with the mind of the church.  With daily Mass, Meditation, Community Prayers and office, the groundwork is laid for dedicated service.